How many pictures will we receive?

Between 400-900 high-resolution images.

 We believe in capturing a Wedding moment by moment, which ultimately means we do not like to leave anything out. You can expect to receive all the photographs and film moments from your day, including those funny and silly ones too.

 Having said that we also deliver images that are beautiful and carefully composed. 

  In essence, nothing gets left out.


Do we own those pictures once you have delivered them to us?

Yes of course! They are all bought and paid for. 

  The only limitation to be aware of is that any images being used commercially or for sale will require our permissions. Our terms also permit the use of pictures & video for our website and the promotion of Oak & Blossom. We love our work and want to show it off! If any image is to be featured on a blog, website or magazine we would always contact you first to ask for permission to do so.


How long after the wedding until we receive our photos and/or film?

You can expect to receive both within four to six weeks.

  If you have only booked photography this may be as quick as two, however this depends on the time of year – we are very busy during wedding season. We will always aim to keep you updated on when you can expect receive everything, and it will never be longer than four weeks.


Who does what? There are two you of you…do you both come to take photos if we just hire photography and vice versa?

Dominic is the man with the video camera & Toby takes all the photographs. 

 Generally speaking we prefer to keep it simply by working solo. We both have experience of shooting at Weddings, and know what we need to capture at what time. This can get confusing with more than one person, believe us! 

 If you are planning on having a lot of guests at your wedding, or would prefer to tailor the package we can of course provide extra creatives to help. We are more than happy to discuss this with you. 


My wedding is outside of the UK, can we still book you to come?

Yes, you can! Like most creatives we love to travel & to see new places so we are more than happy to accommodate those outside of the UK. 

 We have both worked throughout Europe, and have found travel to be relatively cheap especially when compared to train fares in the UK. Our goal is to make any extra travel & accommodation costs as minimal as possible to ensure you get the best deal. 


Is the deposit refundable?

Unfortunately not. Working as freelance creatives it is really important we can plan our calendars in advance. Therefore when booking a date into our diaries we have to take a 20% deposit to make sure we can keep doing what we love. 


Are you both insured?

We are – with public liability insurance of up to £5,000,000 each. It keeps us from worrying too much about our equipment (it costs more than we care to share…)


Can we get prints made once we receive the photos?

No problem, you can order prints when you receive your photos. We have excellent suppliers who print to the finest quality.


Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes! Printed, layflat wedding albums are included in our photography & video + photography packages.


Are there travel & accommodation costs for weddings in the UK?

All travel / accommodation expenses are covered for weddings in England and Wales.

 If your wedding is in Scotland or Ireland we will need to fly and then hire a car. In this instance travel, accommodation and car hire would not be included in the cost of the package. 


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via email