U.K. / Europe and beyond


Both of us love a cheeky get away for a few days from the hustle of the UK for a destination wedding. If your wedding is outside of England then jumping on a plane for a few / many hours to get to you is no problem. We’ve shot weddings in places such as Norway, California and Italy just to name a few. There is something very special about travelling outside of our home country to experience a wedding day in a different culture.

The only difference with a destination wedding to a wedding in England is the travel/accommodation costs. Whether it's just one of us or both, we would require cover for flights/transfers, accommodation and car rental.

To make this really simple for you, we have set travel prices for each package that covers all of those expenses. To see those prices, drop us an email so we can send them over to you in our introduction brochure.

We are always transparent with our pricing and we never hide any costs. We will be upfront and clear with you about what we propose to book and costs before making any payments.

If you're working on a tight budget then let us know and we can chat about finding a way to make it work. We wouldn't want to not shoot your wedding simply because it was too expensive to get us there!


We absolutely LOVE travelling to photograph weddings. If your wedding is in one of the following countries, we will give you 15% off the cost of your package. Contact us for more details!

- South Africa
- Dubai
- New York, USA
- Brazil
- Greece
- Australia / New Zealand
- British Colombia, Canada
- Hawaii
- Japan
- India